Pescatourism for the first time in Romania.

Only in the Danube Delta, at Mila 23.

You can share a day in the life of an authentic fishermen, along with them, in a fishermen village. Come visit a traditional fisherman household in Mila 23, and experience the unique culture and gastronomy, steadfastly considerate with the rich nature of the Danube Delta.

For 3 hours you will accompany the fishermen in their daily route, and then cook the fish collected together in their kitchen, or directly on the shore, in their vegetable garden. If you harvest too much fish, you will stop at the cherhana (the fishery) to deliver the surplus. Local legends will accompany your trip and old recipes of the multi-award-winning cooks from Mila 23 will surprise you with new tastes.

Handmade wooden boats are available for the guided pescatourism tours. The lotca (traditional fishermen boats) are specially built for tourism, elegant and comfortable, with a design rooted in the old craftsmenship of the local boat carpeners (marangozi).

Pescatourism is a form of ecotourism and responsible tourism, environment friendly cultural tourism. The "Lotca Habitat: Pescatourism in the Danube Delta" project is initiated by canoeist Ivan Patzaichin, multiple Olympic champion and former fisherman in Mila 23.